Headache Clinic:

We have a specialised service which provides treatment for headaches. Our Specialist physiotherapists will assess you thoroughly to find out if there is any neck pain involvement in your headaches. We use specialised manual spinal mobilisation to the upper neck segments in a gentle and safe approach and Acupuncture to help to provide symptomatic relief from head pain.


Sport injury clinic:

Sport injuries are a common occurrence in people that are active. This can happen by repetitive stress/strain and by traumatic accidents. Areas of the body that could be affected are ligaments, joints, muscles, tendons and bones. Our skilled physiotherapists will be able to help during your journey to recovery. Our aim is to restore you back to your hobbies and sports you enjoy playing.


Golf injuries:

Our Chartered Physiotherapists will thoroughly examine and tell you about causes of golf injuries and steps you can take to avoid them. The common golf injuries are back injury, elbow tendonitis, knee, shoulder pain and wrist injuries. Most golf injuries are preventable with the help of our seasoned physiotherapists who will assess, diagnose and put together a treatment plan with you.


Tennis injuries:

Our expert physiotherapists can help with most common tennis injuries. From shoulder injuries to knee pain or tendon problems, get the expert view on common tennis injuries and how to overcome them. The severity and impact of injuries caused by tennis can be mitigated by seeking for the support of our Chartered Physiotherapists. They will guide you from initial phase following injury to the end of phase of return to full recovery by performing a thorough assessment of muscles and joint function and develop a tailor-made program of rehabilitation to full recovery and prevention of re-injury.


Rehabilitation of back and neck pain:

Neck and back pain tend to have a substantial health and economic burden on the sufferers and are the leading cause of years lived with disability. Many of the cases progressed to persistent or recurrent pain as they do not recover from acute phase.

Our physiotherapist will offer the best evidence-based approach to resolving this burden for you. Our treatment approaches include exercise prescription, education/advice, psychological treatment and lifestyle interventions.


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